Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oN thE 1st dAy IN bLoGGer....

oLla WoRld!!
f0r MuSliM PeOPlE..
F0R OtHer ReliGiOn..
WHaT'S up!!!

I'm BaRbIeLyAnO FRoM pLaNeT bOyS nOT GUrL wANt TO rEpReSEnT tHE sUpERpOweR oF sInGIng/StUdYINg/& EveRyTRhIng..hiHIhi;]
tHis Is THe 1sT DaY i'm GOinG to CReAtE MyBlOG & IT gOnNa LIke mY dIarIes..
i'm 21 yeaR OlD..Was BorN at KG.PuLAU jAwa, PeKan,Phg..& NoW, I'M stUDY aT poly_tEcH MaRa cOLLege iN kuANtan, PhG..In lAst SEmeSTEr..
FoR YoUr InForMatIOn WOrld..I'm waNt TO bE a LecTUreR And BEst SIngER IN 2011..HEhE;]

I'M prOmiSE tO mySElf AnD foR yoU WOrLD..That, I'm GoONa bE a LeCtUrER & siNGer..hihi;]
I lIKe BE LecTUreR BECoZ oF My mOM & mySElf..
i thInK, I gOT tAlENTed tO bE leCTurER anD I likE To TEacH peOPle ANd WAnT To HElp fOr THose PeopLE waNT geT THe heLP..HuHU;]
On A sINGer..i hopE IwilL bE gooD siNger BeCOz I waNT to PRove To pEoPLe..i goT a TAlENted On SIinGING..I kNOw THis SOUnD quitE WIerD..BuT i dOnt KnoW whY i LOv MUsiC..My IdOL oF siNGer INthIS WOrLD..IS......dAto' siti NUrhALIza..hihI;]

AnyThIng HAPpEN.. I wILL nOT foRg0T tO ALLAH..BeCOz ALLAH Was HElp Me FoR evERyTHing..i loVe U ALLAH.. anD hoPE ALLAH Can GIve ME more SPirit OF IMan..iT is NOT SoUNd oF funnY..But IT IS REALITY...NOT FANTASY...

HoPeFuLLy...u cAn eNjOy AnD hEpY2 WheN u ViEW MybLog..

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