Monday, April 26, 2010

HoW d0 y0u sEe yoUrsElF In 10 yEaRs tiMe?

Oh my God!

I am become 31 years old! This is so good life what I am expected. Because I am see that on 10 years I become lecturer and got a new family. Maybe on that time, I become accounting lecturer and also have famous job. That is, I am as singer. It not kidding but it will become reality.

I am also got a new family, and become as husband of 3 sons’. I do not think that, I become a millionaire, the CEO of one big company, and also not as Prime Minister. But, sometime when we think that it is impossible, it can be reality if we put and effort into it.

So, for the conclusion, I hope all of thing that I am see on 10 years, it will become a reality and I am not forgetting and make sure that, I want to close myself to Allah S.W.T.

Thank you.

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