Thursday, April 8, 2010

IF I hAvE RM1 million, whAt wOulD I dO???

I million will make us blind.
In our life, we always think to be happy! Love! and success.

When we get this money, I know most of people in this world always think that they want go to shopping, stroll and enjoy with social thing. But we forgot to make some important thing. It is, make a worthiness to people that needed. Why? I think we should realize on this thing.

It is seriously come from my soul that we should help those who have a problem with their life. I do not to show off but it is my sincerely to help people. Then, I will make sure that, I will finished my debt first. Even it is RM 0.10... I will settle it.

Then, I will give some donation to orphanage, maybe some people think it is nonsense. But for me, it is good. I think on the part of RM 1 million, I want to buy a house and car, just for preparation for married soon and daily users.

Lastly, I will make sure that, I want to save this money into my saving account for preparation of something happen soon because I cannot predict in future thing. Maybe, I will use RM 50000.00 for shopping and enjoy..huhu..

Hopefully, I will do what I am write here and others can follow what I am trying to do.

Thank you..............

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