Thursday, April 8, 2010

HoW dO I CoMMuNIcAte eFFeCtIvElY witH oThErs??

Ha? you we know, in 19th April 2010 we have interview session..ha..this is very good topic to know, how do we communicate effectively with others?

So, it is advantage for us.hihi;]
 Ok.Firstly, when we in front of people that we not recognized them, we should give a good expression.For me, I am always smile, smile and smile. Sometime we should make them proud with us such when we talk and do not think it is thing that makes you be humiliate. It is good thing ok.

For your information, I am always want be a confidential person. Well, sometime people look at me on the negative site but for me, this thing it make me more confident and learn how I know level of myself and also my weaknesses.

So, automatically it will help myself and be a good person.

HA....For those got the interview session, I suggest you, be confident and give a good expression. No moody and always smile.

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